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Regular Sunday Services

  • 8:00 am ~ Reflective, Quiet Worship, Eucharist Rite I Brief: one hour. The sermon is given by the preacher for the day. Quiet and reflective in nature. Uses most traditional form of liturgy from Book of Common Prayer. Prayer Ministry station available. Nursery Available.
  • 10:30 am ~ Holy Communion with Full Choir (Morning Prayer, 4th Sunday of the Month)* All the bells and whistles! Acolytes Full choir Music is blend of traditional hymns and new songs, emphasis on the former Works alongside Children’s Worship program and a nursery is available 3rd Sunday of the month includes service of Baptism when there are baptismal candidates 4th Sunday of the month is Service of Morning Prayer,…
  • 6:00 pm ~ Contemporary Worship, Eucharist Rite II* Music led by Praise Team Simple, less formal liturgy Come as your are! (no dress code) Designed to create more intimate “home-type” atmosphere Joyful emphasis, energetic participation encouraged! Prayer Ministry stations available Nursery Available

Weekday Services

  • Midday Prayer Monday through Friday 12:10 pm ~ Midday Prayer
  • Tuesday 7:30 am ~ Holy Communion Tuesday 7:30 am ~  Holy Communion (during Advent/Lent, Communion at 7:00, breakfast follows)
  • Wednesday 5:30 pm Worship & Healing Service (WOW – Worship On Wednesday) 5:30 pm  Worship & Healing Service (Church) Only in Fall & Spring (Breaks fro Summer) A time of worship, quiet reflection, and healing prayer with Holy Communion. At St. Michael’s, we believe that the heart of our heavenly Father is to bring transformation and healing to every area of our lives – physically, relationally, emotionally,…

Special Occasion Services

  • Advent & Christmas Advent Tuesday 7:00 am Holy Communion & Breakfast During Advent, we will once again have our Tuesday morning Communion services at 7:00 with a delicious breakfast following at 7:30. These mornings will bless young and old alike, so come and join us before taking your children to school.   Christmas Eve No Nursery Available Christmas…
  • Blessing of the Animals This annual service that also remembers St. Francis of Assisi is coming up the first Sunday of October at the 6pm service. We invite pets of all varieties to come to church with their owners for this special occasion.
  • Lent & Easter ASH WEDNESDAY 7:30     am     Holy Communion, Quiet Reflective Worship 12:00     N     Holy Communion, Organ 6:00     pm       Holy Communion , Organ & Choir (Nursery Available) Tuesdays in Lent 7:00 am Holy Communion & Breakfast, $5 Suggested Donation   Wednesdays in Lent Facing Jerusalem: A Journey with Jesus and His Disciples…
  • New Year’s Eve Service Tuesday, December 31, 2013 11:30 pm Holy Communion  
  • Thanksgiving Service 10:30 am Holy Communion Thursday, November 28, 2013 Biblical Passages of Thankfulness Always give thanks.     Ephesians 5:20; Colossians 3:15. Come before God with thanksgiving.     Psalm 95:2; 100:4. Give thanks forever.     Psalm 30:12. Give thanks in front of entire congregation.     Psalm 35:18. No matter what, be thankful.     1 Thessalonians 5:18. Offer…

Festival of Faith

Global Impact Celebration

*  Nursery in the Belser Building (14 St. Michael’s Alley — a short walk through the church yard)

(Parking in County Garage, 1/2 block North on Meeting Street)

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