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Alpha Mission to Boston

Have you ever heard of Alpha? Chances are that if you live in South Carolina the answer is yes. Your chances are even better if you live in Charleston because you have probably seen the banners on churches and billboards on I-26.  As a parishioner, whether you have been coming six months or sixteen years, you have heard about Alpha and most likely have attended a time or two. Alpha is the backbone of our church and it has had an amazing transformative power in helping our parishoners and other Charlestonians grow closer to Christ since we began to offer it sixteen years ago.
Now imagine if you had not heard or experienced the incredible grace that comes with attending or ultimately serving on an Alpha team. That’s why this February 1-3, Saint Michael’s is sending a mission team to Boston to train 12 churches on how to run Alpha! As a lighthouse Alpha church we are called to be intentional in helping train others and we could not be more excited. Please pray for our team (Kaki Lankau, Juju Berry, Wayne Colson, Rosie Colson, Sara Cuthbert, Barnwell Cuthbert, Peggy Cieslikowski, Dan Cieslikowski) as we prepare for our travel, our Alpha Opening night and our weekend of training for the 100+ participants. We know the Holy Spirit will lead us and allow those attending to bring Alpha in -not as a program- but as the front door of their church.

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