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Peter Moore offers a course for real beginners in the field of Apologetics. No prior knowledge is needed, save perhaps a bachelor’s degree and a hunger to know how to understand and answer the questions (and jibes) of non-believers.

This is a GAMMA-level course, but those who have not taken Alpha may apply. In addition to reading some of Peter’s own writings, class participants will be asked to read one or two other pieces that introduce them to the (not-so-scary) field of apologetics.

  • Has science rendered religion obsolete?
  • Is there any absolute Truth?
  • How do you answer someone who says faith is a crutch?
  • Is all doubt bad?
  • How can you say Jesus is the only way?
  • Is the Bible really trustworthy?

This will be in a seminar, not a lecture, format. Participants will be asked to come to class having read approximately 35 pages and be prepared to dialogue on issues raised from the readings.

This course is offered on Wednesday nights after the 5:30 pm WOW – Worship & Healing Service, supper is provided as long as you register for a meal, and the class starts promptly at 6:45. Cost is $35 for the class and an additional $10 per week for the meal. E-mail

NOTE: In the fall of 2013 the full course Introduction to Apologetics will be offered at St. Michael’s Church once again. It is hoped that by September those who wish to take that course may do so for graduate school credit – towards a degree in theology from an accredited institution. If you are interested in the full course, rather than this abridged version, you may wish to wait until the fall. ~Peter C. Moore, D.D.

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