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12-21-14 “Why is Family life So Hard? The Original “Disconnect”

As we continue our series on Regaining a Biblical Vision of Family, let’s stop and look where we’ve been.  So far we have heard about Herod and his crazily dysfunctional family, then we heard about Zechariah, Elizabeth and their son John the Baptist.  Today, the Holy Family of Mary, Joseph and Jesus.  In a sense, family faithfulness begins with the Virgin Birth.  Why did Jesus have to be born from a virgin?  The answer to that question will determine the health and vitality of your family life.  As you leave church today, my prayer is that you would experience this sanctuary transformed into an operating room of the heart, your home transformed into a sanctuary and your heart into a nativity to receive Jesus.

12-21-14 8am Advent 4 Bulletin

12-21-14 1030am Advent 4 Baptism Bulletin

12-21-14 6pm Advent 4 Baptism Bulletin

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12-14-14 PM “What’s in a name?” The Rev. Luke Rasmussen

Genesis 2:18-20

Luke 1:8-23; 57-66

Dale Carnegie tells us if we want to win friends and influence people we should say someone’s name three times during a conversation. Our name is our identity, the syllables, sounds, consonants, and vowels come together to represent who we are. That is why we all want to, as the theme song from the TV series Cheers, “go where everybody knows your name.” In our passage this evening we see that God promised Zechariah a son and commissioned him to name him John.

We all have a name and we all name others. But it is ultimately God who knows our true name, our true identity, and invites us into his story.

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12-14-14 6pm Advent 3 Bulletin

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12-14-14 AM “Distant Fathers, Determined Mothers and Desperate Sons Healing the Father-wound” The Rev. Dr. Peter C. Moore

As we prepare for the new multi-generational service staring January 11th, we’ve decided during Advent to take a look at the modern family through the lens of the biblical revelation. This week we look at the family of John the Baptist. What did he experience? Was he escaping from something when he decided to grow up away from his family in “the wilderness?” And what message did he bring to Israel when he emerged from that isolation?

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12-14-14 8am Advent 3 Baptism Bulletin

12-14-14 1030am Advent 3 Bulletin

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12-07-14 6:00 pm “The Cruciform Shape of True Ministry” The Rev. Dr. Peter C. Moore – Luke Rasmussen’s Ordination

“I’m really interested in ordination…but I’m not sure I am willing to pay the cost.” A young Canadian fellow mentioned that to me and decided to stay away from the ministry. A decade later he changed his mind, and today he is an ordained clergyman. But what cost did he have in mind? Time? Money? Reputation? Emotional energy? Status? The challenge of secularism? What do you think? The cost of ordained ministry – when it is faithful to Christ – turns out to be much more subtle than any of these. Paul unpacks it for us in his Second Letter to the Corinthians.

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12-07-14 6pm Advent 2 Luke Rasmussen Ordination

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12-07-14 “Taking the ‘Dys’ out of Dysfunction” The Rev. David Booman

As hard as we try to be of good cheer, the holidays are a time of significant pain for many people. Filled with grief and the acute tensions of family dysfunction, these long weeks are often characterized by survival rather than joy. In today’s gospel passage we discover that there is nothing new under the sun, and that families were just as broken 2000 years ago. However, in this vale of darkness and dysfunction, John the Baptist arrives with a powerful antidote to all that breaks our hearts and families. It is simple, it is straightforward, and it is the power of salvation for all who dare to enter in.

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12-07-14 8am Advent 2 Bulletin

12-07-14 1030am Advent 2 Bulletin


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11-30-14 “Defeating Spiritual Somnambulism: W.A.T.C.H.” The Rev. Alfred T. K. Zadig, Jr.

11-30-14 8am Advent 1 Bulletin

11-30-14 1030am Advent 1 Bulletin

11-30-14 6pm Advent 1 Bulletin

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11-23-14 “What’s Missing in your life? The Power of ONE” The Rev. Alfred T. K. Zadig, Jr.

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11-23-14 8am Pentecost CHRIST THE KING SUNDAY Bulletin

11-23-14 1030am Pentecost MP Christ the King Bulletin

11-23-14 6pm Pentecost Christ the King Bulletin

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11-16-14 “How to Change Your Life” The Rev. Alfred T. K. Zadig, Jr.

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11-16-14 8am Pentecost 23-2 Bulletin

11-16-14 1030am Pentecost 23 Baptism Bulletin

11-16-14 6pm Pentecost 23 Bulletin

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11-09-14 “The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins” The Rev. Mark W. Avera

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11-09-14 8am Pentecost 22 Bulletin

11-09-14 1030am Pentecost 22 Bulletin

11-09-14 6pm Pentecost 22 Bulletin


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11-02-14 “All Saints’ Day, the Hall of Fame and the Widow” The Rev. Alfred T. K. Zadig, Jr.

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11-02-14 8am Pentecost 21 Bulletin

11-02-14 1030am Pentecost 21 Bulletin

11-02-14 6pm Pentecost 21 Bulletin

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