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03-01-15 “Repentance of Pride, the Spiritual Cancer, Second in a Lenten Series on Repentance” The Rev. Alfred T. K. Zadig, Jr.

What is true repentance? As we entered our second Lenten Sunday on this critical word, let me remind us from the first Sunday in Lent that repentance is both a physical turning away from our sin, as well as a hatred and repulsion of that sin! Each Sunday, through Lent we will analyze repentance through a different topic. The First Sunday in Lent was on repenting of materialism, this past Sunday was on repenting of pride. The opposite of pride is humility. In fact, cut out this definition and put it on your refrigerator, “Humility is not thinking of less of ourselves, but looking to Jesus and thinking of ourselves less.”

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02-22-15 “Repent and Believe the Good News Series 1: Noah, Materialism and Giving up to Go Up” The Rev. Alfred T. K. Zadig, Jr.

I love bumper stickers! In fact, this past Sunday I shared some of my favorites. I also shared one that is very common today… Co-exist… (referring to world religions). On the surface, it looks fine and politically correct; in reality it is very deceiving.  We can easily infer from it that all religions are the same. Yet the Love of God through Jesus Christ separates Christianity from every other world-wide religion. A love that moves God to send His Son Jesus to die for us.  In that death we have been given the gift of repentance, forgiveness, and a restored relationship with God. This gift of repentance is our theme for Lent, Repent and Believe the Good News! Each Sunday through lent we will look at repentance through a different lens. This past Sunday, we focused on Noah and the need for his people to repent for the materialism that had taken over their life.  Noah learned something that could be my new favorite bumper sticker…You Have to Give Up to Go Up.

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02-15-15 “Love in the Time of Crucifixions and Crowns” The Rev. David Booman

This morning, on a weekend celebrating the wonders of romantic love, we come to Paul’s great love letter to the Philippians. In it Paul celebrates a love that has transformed his life and the community of Philippi. Indeed, so radical is this love that it has led Paul to count everything else in his life as mere rubbish and refuse. Today, if you are longing for love or lamenting what has been lost, let Paul share with you a love that will change your life forever.

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02-08-15 “The Mission Fulfilled” The Rev. Max Wilkins

When Jesus read from the scroll of Isaiah in His first public message, He finished by saying “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” Certainly He was saying something about who He is and what He was inaugurating with that first message. But His words have implications for our role in the fulfillment of the mission as well, implications that many of us may have never considered. If the mission of Jesus is the reason the church exists, that mission is only fulfilled as we join Jesus in His mission. And there are strong answers to all of the objections we sometimes put out there to justify our failure to get going. This message will consider the words of Jesus from a new perspective and answer some of the excuses we give to Him, and will challenge us to fulfill this mission!

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02-01-15 “The Prophet and the Word of God” The Rev. Mark Avera

Today we are bombarded with messages and voices demanding our attention.  Most are clever enough, and it is difficult to know which voices to trust with our ears.  Some flatter us; others make bold promises; still others threaten or berate.  The Old Testament leader of Israel named Moses – the sea-splitting, plague-summoning, law-giving man of God – was the most famous prophet or mouthpiece of God known to the Jews.  But then came Jesus.  The crowds wondered if He could be the promised prophet who would be like Moses.  Centuries after Jesus was crucified, even the leaders of Islam declared that He was a great prophet.  What does it mean to say that Jesus is a prophet?  According to the God who spoke to and through Moses, a true prophet would be known by his words.  And a true prophet should be listened to and heeded.

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01-25-15 9:30 am & 6:00 pm Sermon “Liturgical Dessert and the Power of Blessing” The Rev. David Booman

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01-25-15 6pm Epiphany 3 Bulletin

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01-25-15 8 am “The Conversion of St. Paul and Its Meaning for You and Me” The Rev. Dr. Peter C. Moore

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01-25-15 10:30 am “Serving God’s Purpose in Our Generation” Os Guiness

But you’re a baby boomer and I’m a millennial. You wouldn’t understand.” Have you noticed how “generationalism” has become a new form of identity today, as well as a new form of mistrusting authority? But what is a biblical and Christian view of generation, and how can we live it out in our time?

Os Guinness  is an author and social critic. Born in China, educated in England,  he has lived in the US since 1984 and is a member of the Falls Church Anglican in Virginia. His latest book is ‘Renaissance — The power of the gospel however dark the times

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01-18-15 “Every Age on the Same Page..Living the Adopted Life” The Rev. Alfred T. K. Zadig, Jr.

On Sunday, we read a little known story that happened to Jesus right after his birth in the manger.  The tragedy is that during Christmas, we all hear the romantic lovely story of the birth of Jesus, but no one sticks around to hear what happens next.  Herod wanting this infant messiah dead, takes no chances and orders the death of all boys under the age of 2 in Bethlehem.   Jesus even as an infant finds Himself in the middle of controversy.  It’s a story called the “slaughter of the innocents.”      It’s easy to think Jesus was born into a Thomas Kincade painting, complete with snow and a pastoral setting.  Not even close.  This very fact helps us realize that Jesus is here to rescue us from the slaughter we see in our world, from the perils of Paris, to the unborn children in this country dying everyday. As a church, if we really did adopt “Every age on the same Page, think how that would change the world!


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01-18-15 8am Sanctity of Life Sunday Epiphany 2

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1-18-15 1030am Baptism Epiphany 2 Sanctity of Life Sunday

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01-11-15 “Vision: See It, Say It, Live It Every Age on the Same Page” The Rev. Alfred T. K. Zadig, Jr.

On this “VISION” Sunday, my favorite definition of the word Vision is simply this:

A picture of the future that creates passion now.

Think about that for a minute.  Do you remember when for instance you were getting married and picturing your new life as a husband or wife?  Or perhaps you recall those days leading up to a grand vacation, and that picture of your destination created passion in the present?  We have a grand vision at St. Michael’s, which is to transform every heart through Jesus Christ.  Today we are focusing in on the theme of every generation experiencing that transformation together.  Our elders mentoring our youngers and youngers our elders (every age on the same page)!

Today in my sermon I will tell you about the (one verse) compelling mission of Jesus (yes only one verse).  I will also give you images and stories from our life together.  Through both I pray our hearts will race faster, and be deeply moved into action.  By the end of our vision Sunday may we be able to See the Vision, Say the Vision and Live the Vision!

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