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Missionary to Charleston

Douglas Born

Born in Woolwich England, also moved to Plumstead and finally in Eltham, which boasted of a palace, (built for Henry VII of England), also had a farm and Tudor Houses, my address while l lived there was Eltham Palace Road. I also lived in Bristol where l lived in a 500 year old cottage. (New by old houses in England).

I had 6 brothers, (7 boys including me), and 3 sisters, one sister and one brother have died thus far. Both my parents died after 50 years of marriage and within 5 months of each other.

I worked 24 years in the Insurance Industry before being called to the mission field,

I have served the Lord in the following countries, (Alphabetic order),

Argentina, Brazil, India, Israel, USA, (San Diego and into Mexico) New York, (Harlem).

I first came to Charleston from Israel to learn how to run a radio station, while here l meat up with Glen Gilbert who is the Pastor of Celebration Christian Fellowship, my first

Love (after Jesus), has been for marginalized people, so l stayed and volunteered there.

After 2 years l started to attended St Michaels, (it is one of the few churches which held Sunday evening services, after a short while l was asked to become St Michaels Missionary in Charleston, (this has now been changed as Missionary to the homeless in Charleston, which describes by work better)

My work here is varied ranging from working with other churches and collages here in Charleston to minister food, (Hot dogs) to the homeless on meeting street at present one night a week, but this will go up to at least 3 nights, my prayer is for 5. Cooking food at Crisis Ministry every Friday, this involves working with others to prepare and serve food for at least 120 servings.

At Celebration Station l volunteer two after-noon’s a week to help with the distribution of food and on Sundays attend morning service after driving the Church bus to pick people up, (this can involve driving 50 miles in pick up’s and droop off’s after service)

I also run with the very able David Rees, the men’s, (Homeless), bible study, every Sunday afternoon, here at St Michael’s.

At St. Michel’s l am a lay reader at both the Sunday, (6.00), and Tuesday morning service. I am also on call from members of the clergy and staff when homeless, needy people come into the office for assistance, l maintain a list of services available in the Charleston area, and beyond. I have just been asked to become a member of the Task Force to Transform Hearts in the Holy City.

As you can see by duties are extensive and very varied, and the above are only a sample of the many tasks l undertake for the homeless and also for any member of society that God gives me. I have just completed a three day course with Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy in Pastoral Crisis Intervention; this is helping me in my current work, but l look forward to seeing how God will use me in this area in the future.

I am currently waiting for a decision on my Green Card from Homeland Security.


Cell Phone: – (843) 270-4082

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