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Connections Sunday: Better Together

I remember visiting a parishioner who was in the hospital, a precious woman who was in recovery but didn’t quite have her voice back. She motioned for me to come close so I could hear her. She whispered, “I love church.” She said this in the context of receiving so many prayers, well wishes, and [...]

Sunday, September 21: The Feast of Michaelmas!

Michaelmas celebrates the life and ministry of our namesake, Saint Michael the Archangel. The Archangel Michael is the greatest of all the Archangels and is celebrated for defeating Lucifer in the war in heaven. He is one of the principal angelic warriors, seen as a protector against the dark of night, and the administrator of [...]

Would You Like to Have Instant Access to the Most Recent St. Michael’s Directory?

Go here to learn how. Access ACS is St. Michael’s Church Online Database. Parishioners can sign in and find another parishioner’s contact information. Our goal for this online database is for it to be a central location for connecting. Parishioners will be able to: Update their contact information View other parishoners contact information: e-mail, phone, address [...]

3rd Quarter Preaching Schedule 2014

3rd Quarter 2014.updated

Serving Schedule for September 21, 2014

Vestry of the Month: David Reese Altar Guild:  (9/21) IV, (9/22-9/28) I Readers/Chalice Bearers: 8:00 am Trish McGuinn Sam Hines 10:30 am (Lessons) Wade Logan (P.O.P.) Robby Marion (B) Mikell Scarborough, David Reese 6:00 pm TEAM B: Frank Farmer, Charlotte Causey, Nick Smith, Alex Garcia Acolytes: 10:30 am (C) Noah Myers; (S) Coles Buyck; (AA) [...]

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