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December 2014 Messenger

December 2014 Messenger

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12-07-14 “Taking the ‘Dys’ out of Dysfunction” The Rev. David Booman

As hard as we try to be of good cheer, the holidays are a time of significant pain for many people. Filled with grief and the acute tensions of family dysfunction, these long weeks are often characterized by survival rather than joy. In today’s gospel passage we discover that there is nothing new under the [...]

Would You Like to Have Instant Access to the Most Recent St. Michael’s Directory?

Go here to learn how. Access ACS is St. Michael’s Church Online Database. Parishioners can sign in and find another parishioner’s contact information. Our goal for this online database is for it to be a central location for connecting. Parishioners will be able to: Update their contact information View other parishoners contact information: e-mail, phone, address [...]

4th Quarter Serving Schedule

4th Quarter 2014 Serving Schedule

Serving Schedule for December 21, 2014

Vestry of the Month: Fred Willis Altar Guild:  (12/21) I; (12/22-12/28) II Tuesday, December 23 at 7:00am: Jay Seibels Readers/Chalice Bearers: 8:00 am Frank Grimball, Frank Barnwell 10:30 am (Lessons) Capers “Puc” Barr (Pop/CB Altar) Todd Brown (SB) Wade Logan (NB) Eunice Logan 6:00 pm TEAM C: Kristen Brammer, Scott Jackson, Lawton Hirsch, John McElroy [...]

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