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Serving Schedule

  • 3rd Quarter Preaching Schedule 2014 3rd Quarter 2014.updated
  • Serving Schedule for September 28, 2014 Vestry of the Month: Heidi Ravenel Altar Guild: (9/28) I Readers/Chalice Bearers: 8:00 am Frank Barnwell, Henry Grimball 10:30 am (Lessons) Eunice Logan; (P.O.P.) Ginny Good; (B) Mikell Scarborough 6:00 pm TEAM C: Kristen Brammer, John McElroy, Lawton Hirsh, Scott Jackson Acolytes: 8:00 am Christopher Moss 10:30 am (C) Luke Akers; (S) Nicholas Feaster; (AA)…
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