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Serving Schedule

  • 4th Quarter Serving Schedule 4th Quarter 2014 Serving Schedule
  • Serving Schedule for February 15, 2015 Vestry of the Month: Curry Smoak Altar Guild: (2/15) I; (2/16-2/22) II ---------------------------------------------------------------- 8:00 am Readers/Chalice Bearers: Henry Grimball Ushers: John Barnwell, Robert Crout Prayer Ministers: Lisa Holland, Nancy Newton ---------------------------------------------------------------- 9:30 am LEMs: Kimberly & Chris Moss (Readers) Christopher Moss Ushers: Charles Waring Greeters: Laura Lee Marchant & family, Kristen & Bernardo Perkinson, the…
  • Serving Schedule for March 29, 2015 Passion Narrative Readers 8:00 am The Passion Narrator: Henry Grimball Pilate: Frank Barnwell Soldier: Chief Priest: Morgan Falk Bystander: Gregory Miller Centurion: 10:30 am The Passion Narrator: Todd Brown Pilate: Harry Ervine Soldier: Jay Siebels Chief Priest: Harris Jordan Bystander: Roger Poston Centurion: Wade Logan A/V: Scott Myers, Wayne Colson 6:00 pm The Passion Narrator:…
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