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Praise Team

Why: We believe sharing the abundant life of and with Jesus Christ stands and grows on a foundation of open-hearted praise and joy, honesty, truth, and tons of amazing grace.

What: We lead contemporary worship music and traditional music in a contemporary style.

When: We play at every Sunday at the 6:00 pm Contemporary Worship Service and other times as appropriate.

Vision: What we want to see emerge at St. Michael’s:

  • Cross-generational team.
  • Mix of high energy and drive with lyrical and reflective
  • “Deep Bench”: depth of talent regularly scheduled to lead
  • solid group of vocalists with strong voices, desire for good harmonies, and rich blends
  • Guitarists, bass players, percussionists, keyboard & synth players along with vocalists form the foundation
  • Develop additional “up front” worship leaders
  • Strings, woodwinds …you name it and as the Lord leads
  • Sound mix and equipment management
  • All St. Michael’s ministries are to be exportable: able to have two excellent teams that can handle excellence at home as well as taking it to the streets


  • Jesus is Lord, not the music
  • Servant not performance mentality
  • You just love to love the Lord in the music
  • Adequate proficiency as discerned by Worship Leader
  • Learn, Rehearse, Commit, Communicate
  • Hooked into St. Michael’s and the Vision
  • Prayer

To Join:

All ministries come with a sense of calling tested and affirmed by the Body of Christ, the Church.  Audition is appropriate and necessary part of discernment process.  The Worship Leader will prayerfully work with you to sort things out. Meet Ted McNabb, the Minister of Worship & Praise Teams

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in the St. Michael’s 6:00 pm Praise Team.

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