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Vestry and Staff Retreats

After each Festival of Faith, and the election of new vestry members, we always hold an annual retreat to pray and look deeply into the life of St. Michael’s. We then follow that up with a staff retreat that takes up some of the same topics. This year the Vestry retreat was held on May 31-June 1 on Sullivan’s Island, and our staff retreat was here on campus on June 4-6. Both retreats were special and powerful in that we looked at one topic:  Worship. What is it?  Why do we do it?  This year, I tag teamed with our new Music Director Eric Wyse. While Eric doesn’t get to our organ bench officially until September, we brought him in to help me do some deep teaching on the most important discipline in the church:  worship. Our fall parish wide retreat to Kanuga will be based in part on the talks given during these retreats. Chief among the core teaching is that worship defined is:  Worsh-Shape, being shaped by our highest worth. More on that when you sign up for Kanuga!

Having been ordained now for 16 years, the retreats this year were among the best we’ve ever had. Why?  In addition to the exciting teaching, we just have a fun and enjoyable chemistry both on vestry and staff. Because we had more time on the staff retreat, we went bowling (you should watch Peter Moore bowl and talk on his cell phone at the same time), and had a lot of laughter! Please continue to pray for your vestry and staff leadership.

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