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Wednesday 5:30 pm Worship & Healing Service (WOW – Worship On Wednesday)

5:30 pm  Worship & Healing Service (Church) Only in Fall & Spring (Breaks fro Summer)
A time of worship, quiet reflection, and healing prayer with Holy Communion.

At St. Michael’s, we believe that the heart of our heavenly Father is to bring transformation and healing to every area of our lives – physically, relationally, emotionally, and spiritually (Luke 4.18). In this evening of prayer and worship, we invite you to receive healing prayer from a team of trained prayer ministers. We also invite you to receive healing through worshipping God in song and praise (Jer. 17.14), and through simply being still before Him in prayerful receptivity (Ps. 46). Ultimately, we encourage you to seek healing this night through any or all of these means of communing with our redeeming God.

During the time of quiet, reflective music, we invite you to receive prayer at one of the prayer stations. We also invite you to simply be still before the Lord and receive from Him anything that He would desire to bless you with in the quiet.  Much healing and transformation can take place as we  simply wait upon the Lord.  If you receive a vision or a word of knowledge, we invite you to share it with the clergy after the service for further discernment.
While all varieties of healing are precious, we believe that the greatest healing of all takes place when we are reconciled to our heavenly Father through the sacrificial death of His Son on the cross.  One of the chief ways of appropriating Jesus’ sacrifice is through the Eucharist, when we receive the very life of Jesus into ourselves, abiding in Him and He in us (John 6.56). After you have received the bread and wine, you may return to your pew for the final prayer and blessing, or you may choose to receive anointing with oil (according to James 5.14) at the altar rail. Simply remain kneeling and you will be anointed in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


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