Bible Journey

Bible Journey is an on-line course from Gordon-Conwell Seminary, which brings the Bible to life for the novice and experienced Bible reader alike. It has an interactive, engaging format with visuals and expertise you won’t find anywhere else.

Bible Journey can be used in several ways. You can subscribe and use the material independently. For those who would like to study with others, the Discipleship Task Force can assist in creating Bible Journey study groups either on Sunday morning or during the week. Finally, Bible Journey works very well for established Life Groups.

St. Michael’s has arranged for a group discount on a Bible Journey subscription – you will receive a year’s subscription for $40, instead of the usual $150. To get this discount, you will need to contact Catherine Bowen in the church office: by phone 843-723-0603 or by email:  She will send you an email with a link to sign up with the discount. Each code is only good for one person or email address. You will need a credit card to sign up.  There will be a 14-day free trial, so you can explore the material and lessons available on the website. You can cancel anytime before the end of your 14-day trial.

For an introduction to the material, you can visit For more information about using it at St. Michael’s, please contact the church office at 843-723-0603.