Bible in One Year

What is the Bible in One Year?

The Bible in One Year is a daily devotional reading using the NIV Daily Bible. By reading each day, in 365 days you will have read the entire Bible.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of bible in year is transformation through intimacy with Jesus. We simply want you to experience a lifestyle of reading the bible day in, day out, year in year out.

When do I begin?

You can begin to be part of the Bible in a Year program at any time.

Where do I begin?

The NIV Daily Bible readings are separated by date.  Each date has an Old Testament, New Testament and either Psalm or Proverb reading.  This Bible is set up like a devotional.

Find the date and start reading.  For example, if today is June 30 – find that date in the devotional and read.  The next day you would read the July 1 reading. The date you start is your anniversary date.   Write down on the front of the bible your beginning day, that’s your official start.

Can I read it online?

Yes.  If you do not wish to purchase the NIV Daily Bible it is available online for free for you to read.  Bookmark this link and go to it each day.

There is also an app that makes it easy to read Nicky Gumbel’s Commentary as well as the daily scriptures. Click here.

How do I get Al’s daily reflection on the reading?

Please email Trish McGuinn at to sign up for Al's daily email on the Bible in One Year readings.  Or you can add Alfred T.K. Zadig, Jr. as a friend on Facebook, and see his daily commentary about the scriptures on your home feed page.

The readings are sometimes long, what if I cannot get any or all of the reading completed on that day?

If you miss a day, that is okay.  Just keep going.  Begin your next reading on that calendar date.

If you cannot read the entire passage in a day, pick either the Old Testament or New Testament reading.   You are still in the Word!



The HOW TO of Living in the Bible Daily

Daily: (Beginning Today)
1. Pray the Holy Spirit would open your heart to God’s word.
2. Read the daily assigned scriptures from the NIV Daily Bible. You can also read it online or download the Bible in One Year app.
3. Read the daily commentary on those scriptures by Nicky Gumbel by e-mail or on the app,  Sign up to receive a daily e-mail or download the Bible in One Year app from HTB with assigned scriptures.
4. Add Alfred T.K. Zadig, Jr. as a friend on Facebook and see his daily commentary about the scriptures on your home feed page.