St Michael’s Buildings and Grounds is comprised of both paid staff and volunteers organized under the mission of  St. Michael’s Church. Our primary concern is to maintain and steward the buildings and grounds of St. Michaels so to encourage and facilitate the worship and understanding of the Trinity. Pursuant of that mission, we are organized to both prepare facilities for all service and programming needs as well as to identify all maintenance and repair needs to the buildings and grounds. We accomplish this through our staff property team and our sexton staff led by Arthur Bailey and Angela Stanley.

Booking a Room

As programming needs arise and after they are approved through the proper channels, we ask our parishioners to first contact the church office at 843-723-0603. They will help identify rooms that are open and help with developing a setup. Once that has been accomplished, they will add that program need to the calendar and schedule the set up with our sexton staff.

Property Concerns

All other needs or concerns regarding the property should be addressed to our property manager. Because this is a large campus, we encourage our parishioners to be active in the stewarding of our property. The more eyes, the better! If you identify a problem or need concerning the property, please contact the church office. We will then have a written record of your request and take the proper action. Most concerns will be met through this avenue.

If the concern is deemed a matter of capital improvement, then it will be packaged and presented to the Vestry for consideration. Once it has been approved by the Vestry, then it will be given to our capital projects manager, a voluntary position. The CPM will then decide if a committee should be formed. He or she will then work with the property manager to solicit bids. Once the solicitation process is complete, the bids will then be submitted to the Vestry for a decision.

The Buildings and Grounds Committee is always in need of volunteers to help with various projects around the campus. We also are in need of volunteers for membership in capital projects committees.