Burundi - Great Lakes Outreach (GLO)




  • Simon Guillebaud is the international leader of Great Lakes Outreach (GLO).
  • The vision of GLO is to empower and equip strategic leaders and ministries to transform Burundi and beyond.
  • GLO works with visionary Christian leaders to transform Burundi through education, sport, business, healthcare and more, bringing hope to thousands of the most vulnerable.
  • Currently, GLO has ten strategic projects and partnerships including schools that train Christian leaders, support for widows and orphans, and a medical clinic. 
  • St. Michael’s partnership with GLO and several of their key efforts (J-Life, Antioch School, etc.) has extended over many years and has included grants, mission trips, and volunteer leadership.
  • Recent St. Michael’s GLO partnership has focused on medical clinic support and teaching.

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