Congregational Care

Dear St. Michael’s Church Family,

 1 John 3:18… let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth

During such a difficult time as these with the Coronavirus restricting your mobility and the church’s inability to commune with you personally each week, please allow your St. Michael’s Church CARE Team to be the hands and feet of Jesus for you if you need:

  • A way to view the church services if you do not have a computer or internet service or if you need someone to show you how to use the Zoom technology that the church is using for the various church services and teachings.
  • Groceries that you are unable to afford due to lack of income
  • Transportation to run errands for groceries, medicine or other essential items that you need.
  • Prayer by phone or via a scheduled “virtual” video prayer appointment.
  • A meal prepared and delivered by one of our CARE team members or arrangements for a nutritious and ‘affordable’ meal to be delivered on a routine basis by a non-profit ministry agency.
  • A personal note or card of encouragement sent out to someone sick, lonely, or bereaved to say that they are not forgotten by their church family.

For any of the above needs please call either the St. Michael’s Church office at 843-723-0603 or reach out to me personally, David Richardson, by calling 843-860-5124, OR send me a text at that same number with CARE ias the first word.


Congregational Care

Who are we?

The Congregational Task Force is a personalized service ministry and strategic care initiative made up of teams of like-minded and like-gifted people to help the sick, the needy, shut-ins, widows, widowers, new mothers, the elderly and others in need in the St. Michael’s Church Community. The goal of our Congregational Care Task Force is to make sure every member of the congregation is aware that they are loved, appreciated and not forgotten. 

How Can I Help?

We invite everyone to help us establish a Culture of CARE at St. Michael’s by personally practicing three important habits:


At church or in conversations with your brothers and sisters, be an active listener to find out about people in need of CARE services.


Be proactive with those that you hear speak about people that need CARE and find out more information – then ask their permission if you can share that information with the Congregational CARE Task Force.


Tell someone in the church office or complete and return the Congregational CARE, needs request card that you will find in the church pews and in multiple places throughout the church buildings.

Finally, please consider joining our CCTF Team. You will not only be blessed, but you will be a blessing to others. If you would like to know more about the Congregational CARE Task Force, please let us know by calling David Richardson, Chair CCTF, 843-860-5124 or Julie Akers Co-Chair CCTF (843-607-6483)