David: A Legacy That Echos

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Every Wednesday until November 15, 2023

6:30pm – 7:30pm

Category: Super Wednesday | Coordinator: Greg Smith

David: A Legacy that Echos (Where Ancient Faith Meets Modern Struggles)

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What is this study about? Let Greg Smith tell you...

I am fascinated by David. When I look at a leader, both spiritually and physically, I am encouraged and challenged by this “man after God’s own heart”. In him we see the thrill of victory and the true agony of defeat. He is an intriguing case study of what it means to follow God and how to return to the Lord when you’ve blown it. But David is more than just an example to follow – much more. Indeed, one would be wise NOT to follow David’s example at many points along the journey. Indeed, the main point of David’s life isn’t actually David at all. As a King of Israel, David points us to another King who will come and embody all the greatness we see in David without any of the flaws. The people at “Love God Greatly” (the Bible Study group we have liberally borrowed from) remind us that David is a “Type” of Christ:

“Throughout the Old Testament we come across what theologians call “types of Christ.” It was God’s intent that certain people, events, and even objects in the Old Testament would point to Jesus and His work on behalf of His people. For example, the manna that God provided the people of Israel was a “type,” pointing to Jesus who is the true bread from heaven that satisfies souls (John 6:32). Other types include the temple, Boaz, Jonah, and the cleansing with hyssop, just to name a few. David is considered to be a type of Christ, meaning that his life prefigures that of Jesus. A number of times in Matthew Jesus is referred to as “the Son of David.” David was God’s anointed and unrecognized king just as Jesus was God’s anointed yet unrecognized King when He walked this earth. David and Jesus were both born in Bethlehem and both were rejected by their own people. David was a shepherd and Jesus calls himself the Great Shepherd. The comparisons between David and Jesus are extensive.

The life God chose for David truly was a life of adventure rooted in faith, and we are blessed to be able to learn so much about him in God’s Word. For those in Christ, we too have the potential to exhibit unwavering loyalty and faith in our God because we have the Spirit of God in us. Through the power of Christ, we too can become men and women after God’s own heart.