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GIC 2024 Report

The following is the wrap-up report on GIC 2024:  Global Impact Celebration 2024 (GIC 2024) was a strong financial (pre-pledge) and spiritual success. The Holy Spirit filled the nine days from the family program on January 27th, through Bishop Andrew Williams January 28th vision during his 11:00 a.m. sermon to the closing February 4th ministry of Chaplain Barry Black.

We received presentations from Pastor Claire Sullivan, the Revs. Sean and Kate Norris, the Rev. Dan Wolf. The Rev. Dr. Marion Platt and the inspirational testimony from David Thompson of Samaritan’s Purse; all highlighted the impact St. Michael’s Church is having on our mission partners near and far.

The February 3rd praise service moved all in attendance as the presence of the Holy Spirt was real and in full force.

We are happy to announce that the events of GIC 2024 resulted in the following pre-pledge addition (+/- $500) to St. Michael’s Church missions funding:


Bible Fund                     2,065

Events                          4,315

Silent Auction               12,180

TOTAL                        $18,560


Ruth and I thank all on the MTF and others in our congregation who helped to make GIC 2024 possible. If you have not already do so, please make your mission interests known and your mission pledge for 2024 as soon as possible.

 On Sunday February 4th, we passed the baton to David and Christen Reese, who are the Co-Chairs of GIC 2025, and we look forward to the product of their efforts.

Bob and Ruth Bonelli

Chairs, GIC 2024


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September 18, 2023

GIC 2024 is off to a great start with over $1,380 already collected in 19 bank jars! Our objective is 128 jars in total by the start of GIC 2024 Week (January 28, 2024).

If you need a bank jar, you may take from the display in the Belser Building or contact Bob or Ruth Bonelli.

$10 purchases 1 children’s Bible in India; hence 110 Bibles to-date.

My new Bible cropped