Anglican Church of West Bengal

Bishop Probal Dutta




  • The Anglican Church of West Bengal is led by Bishop Probal Dutta to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and show Biblical principles of love and concern for human beings. 
  • The Church seeks to be more effective in responding to human needs among the indigenous Santhal People of West Bengal and for victims and survivors of human trafficking in Malda and Dinajpur.  
  • They provide shelter and education to women and children who are survivors of this terrible crime.  
  • The Church’s Social Development initiatives provide women with economic freedom through alternative livelihood skills, such as sewing, and Self-Help Groups.
  • St. Michael’s has partnered with Bishop Dutta for many years with annual short term mission trips to conduct Festivals of Hope in various locations in West Bengal.
  • St. Michael’s has also provided funding for numerous church buildings, schools and scholarships, safe houses for children and an eye clinic bringing vital medical services to remote locations in West Bengal.
  • Women’s Empowerment Program (ACNI): Due to loss of jobs in cities, tribal women returned home without income. Tribal women are learning to use sewing machines and sell their crafts to promote sustainable development. They have morning Bible studies and attend church.


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