August 12, 2022

Big Q Barbeque

Sunday, August 21         6-8 pm       James Island County Park Stono Shelter

Middle and high schoolers, your questions matter. Bring your big questions to the Big Q BBQ! Join students from all around Charleston for a night of barbecue, games, raffle prizes, and a chance to ask your big questions about life, faith, identity, and God. The Big Q BBQ is FREE amd open to all middle and high school sutdents, so bring your whole squad!

The parishes planning the event are the Cathedral of St Luke & St Paul, Charleston; Good Samaritan, Summerville; Holy Cross, Sullivan's and Daniel Islands; St. Thomas's, Mt. Pleasant; St. Michael's, Charleston; and St. Philip's, Charleston. 

August 6, 2022

The Rev. Rick Belser named Rector Emeritus of St. Michael's

Dear St. Michaelites,

It is with great joy that today I announce that I am naming the Rev. Richard I.H. Belser, Jr., as Rector Emeritus of St. Michael’s Church. It goes without saying that Rick served faithfully as Rector of St. Michael’s Church as my immediate predecessor for more than two decades. Rick and his wife Annie brought in a renewed sense of mission, evangelism and renewal to the corner of Meeting and Broad streets.

I know you probably have two questions: first, what does Rector Emeritus mean and second, why now? The title, Rector Emeritus acknowledges an ongoing two-way relationship of love, affection, respect and honor as we pledge to hold Rick up in prayer. It also means Rick and Annie may choose more freely the ministry they would like to participate in as they feel called. As for the second question, here is a little secret. When Rick retired from St. Michaels, he and Annie actually didn’t! They moved to Egypt where Rick taught for several years at an Anglican Seminary. Upon their return, Rick stepped in to offer leadership to churches that were between Rectors, including Christ Church, Mt. Pleasant and wrote his first book called: Son and Heir.

For the last several years, Rick has been dealing with the effects of Parkinson’s, and is not as mobile. He and Annie have felt called back to their beloved St. Michael’s and so it is only right, true and good to thank God for their transformational and faithful ministry by bestowing this honor upon them.

More personally, Elizabeth and I are overjoyed the Belsers are back at St. Michael’s Church. I served for five years as Rick’s assistant before moving to Washington, and in those five “mentoring” years, I believe I learned more about ministry than I did in seminary. This Yankee also received tremendous training in the art of shrimping and hunting!!!

So, please join me in praying daily for Rick and Annie as they begin a new season at St. Michael’s Church!

Many Summer Blessings in Christ,

The Rev. Alfred T.K. Zadig, Jr.

21st Rector of St. Michael’s Church