Previous Super Wednesday Teachings

This page contains links to recordings of our previous Super Wednesday and other recorded teachings. 


Fear Naught: Courage               February - April 2022

Discernment in Age of Deception               Linda Prince                  

What Happened to Higher Education          Sykes Wilford                

Long March Through the Courts                 Hal Frampton                

What has Happened to the Media?             Taylor Daniel                 

Has God Given Up on America?                  Frank Siegnous             

The challenge to Family Structure              Peter Rothermel           

Courage in our Midst Panel                        Al Zadig, moderator                

The Church’s Call in the Midst of Babylon    Ken Boa

Courage for Revival: Our Great Hope          Al Zadig                         


Fear Naught            September - November 2021

Instilling a Biblical Worldview                      St Michael's Clergy Team         

The False Social Gospel Bishop                    Steve Wood       

Critical Theory, What They Get Right & Wrong   Glenn Sunshine       

The Gospel of my Sexual Preference             Bishop Mark Lawrence 

Woke & True Woke                                      Linda Prince                  

Battle for Young Souls                                 Randy Forester     

Teaching Worldview in Entertainment Age.    Taylor Daniel           

Living With Wisdom in a World Lost It           Tim Laniak               

Living in Light of Eternity                             Ken Boa                   

Staying in Eye of the Hurricane                    Joanne Ellison               

To All Things Give Thanks                            St Michael's Clergy Team           


The God Corner: Life in Community          April - May 2021

Life in Community                                       Al Zadig                         

Connecting People to One Another                David Booman              

Connecting People to the City                       Ted McNabb                 

Connecting People to Culture                        Bill Hyer                        

Living in the Power of the Spirit                    Richard Grimball          

Living in the Fruit of the Spirit                      Randy Shirley                


Miracles             April 2021


Lenten Devotional on Psalm 22           February - March 2021


The God Corner        January - March 2021

Discipleship in the City

Tension of the City                                Al Zadig                         

Redemption and the City                       Ted McNabb                 

Globla Impact Celebration (GIC)            Mission Partners

The Call to the City                                Al Zadig                         

The Gospel for the City                          Eric Metaxes                 

Embracing the Journey

Mortal Life and Eternal Life                     Bill Hyer                        

Prepare for the Golden Years                  Bill Hyer                        

Advance Directives & Goals                     Bill Hyer                        

Advance Directives & Goals, Part II          Bill Hyer                        

Hastening Death & Funeral Plans              Bill Hyer                        

The Role of the Church in Suffering & Death   Bill Hyer                        


The God Corner  September - November 2020

Justice on the Four Corners                       Al Zadig & Britt Hume                       

Justice on the Four Corners                       Al Zadig & Ken Boa                            

Mercy on the Four Corners                        D. Booman & Leighton Ford         

Mercy on the Four Corners                        D. Booman & Matthew Rivers      

Humility on the Four corners                     Randy Shirley & Mayor Joe Riley          

Humility on the Four Corners                     Randy Shirley & Mark Lawrence          

Repentance on the Four Corners                R. Grimball & Anthony Thompson 

Forgiveness on the Four Corners                R. Grimball & Rev. D. John Yates   

Serving on the Four Corners                      Bill Hyer & Ann Caldwell           

Serving on the Four Corners                      Bill Hyer & Mayor John Tecklenburg

Thanksgiving on the Four Corners              Al Zadig & Bill Hewitt               


Heaven Series           April - May 2020

What is Heaven & are there really 3 of them       Al Zadig                         

What will resurrected Earth be like?                    Randy Shirley                

Who will I see & what will I do in heaven?            David Booman               

If there is heaven, there must be hell                  Al Zadig                         

What will relationships be life? Pets? Children?      Richard Grimball          

How do I get there & will I go alone?                    Bill Hyer                        


Why the Battle?       March 2018

Over-Under                  Al Zadig           Over-Under

Christology                  Al Zadig            Christology          Q&A, Modules 1 & 2

Sin & Salvation             Al Zadig             Sin & Salvation

Anthropology               Kendall Harmon        Anthropology        Q&A Modules 3 & 4

Marriage                      Kendall Harmon            Marriage

The Church                  Kendall Harmon        The Church           Q&A Modules 5 & 6