Be Bold!

June 26, 2022 Preacher: The Rev. Alfred T. K. Zadig Jr Series: Acts

Scripture: Acts 4:1–4, Acts 4:8–14, Acts 4:23, Acts 4:29–31, Matthew 10:16–20

Okay, today is about one word:  Boldness.  As we continue our summer preaching series in Acts, you’re going to hear the incredible story of how Peter (through the Holy Spirit) stands up with boldness to the authorities. As Peter does, he gives us an example of the boldness we need to live with as Christians today.  But time out…biblically, what does being bold mean? Follow along with me below today:


B: ___________


L: ___________

D: ___________


Okay, I’ll give you the answers in small print…

Biblical Obedient Loving And Devoted


The sermon can also be found in our livestream recording. Here is the link to the 11:00 am service on June 26, 2022:    6-26-22 Recording


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