The Three Stages of Easter

April 9, 2023 Preacher: The Rev. Alfred T. K. Zadig Jr Series: Easter Sunday

Scripture: Matthew 28:1–10

What does Easter have in common with Auto Racing?  I promise you are in for a surprise answer in today’s Easter sermon!  Join me today as we put ourselves into the hearts and minds of the ‘2’ Mary’s who make the empty tomb discovery of a lifetime.  Their discovery reminds us there are three stages to every believer of the Resurrection; three levels of transformation.  As you hear them today, ask yourself where you are and how you can like the Mary’s, go to the next level of Faith.

Three Transformations for the Easter Believer:

  1.  ___________  to a _________________
  2.  ___________  to a _________________
  3.  ___________  to a _________________

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