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MAY 2024  

A defining story about “A Culture of CARE” at St. Michael’s….

I call it a “Divine Appointment” because I don’t believe God does anything involving ministry and His will for brothers and sisters in Christ to reach out to one another in love and service a coincidence. It is with this understanding that I wish to share with you this story.

Dr. Hugh Wilson, a long-time member, spiritual leader, prayer warrior, and devoted member of the St. Michael’s Church family finds himself, as do many of us at St. Michael’s, disconnected from Ministry for no other reason than just the challenges of life and sometimes age that wears us out physically and mentally over decades of service. Rarely, however, has Hugh’s physical status ever prevented him from worshiping at St. Michaels at the 11am service. Unfortunately, we sometimes have the false impression that just because people cannot be physically active in ministry at church, they no longer have a desire to be involved in Church Ministry.  I was made well aware of this with a brief Care “check-in” call to Dr. Wilson the day after our most recent hurricane scare.

After catching up a- bit and asking if all were ok from the storm, Hugh, with great enthusiasm says, “I have some good news for you”! I told him I was always up for good news and was excited to hear it. Hugh explains that he has felt disconnected from ministry at St Michael’s, and he missed it and really wanted to find something he could do in ministry that would work for his current physical situation and life status.

Hugh was aware that CARE provided Chuck Scherer a ride to and from the Canterbury House to church for the 9am service each Sunday. A couple of weeks ago, Hugh ran into another Canterbury House resident and St. Michaelite, Gary Lintzenich, out shopping at the store. Gary began to share with Hugh that he had been physically unable to drive and walked with a “walker” but really missed going to Church for the 11am service. At that point, Hugh issued the invitation to ride with him to the 11am service each Sunday. How amazing is our God and the power of prayer?  One afternoon, in a short encounter at a store, with a caring heart of Christ, a desire for ministry, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, two brothers in Christ were connected to serve God’s purpose for them both.  

Hugh had found CARE’S “Transport for Christ” as the ministry that he felt would fit his current life status, and Gary found his way back to St. Michaels for worship at the 11am service. It was the statement that Hugh made to me when I asked him about this experience that sums up WHY the CARE ministry.  He stated: “It is amazing how easily God can fit us together if we are willing. It seemed like a small thing, but to us, as soldiers of Christ, it seems larger and takes on a grandeur that brings joy and wonder”.

God continued the blessing that day with a response from Hallie Seibels, another St. Michaelite called to the CARE’S TRANSPORT FOR CHRIST ministry. Hallelujah! Praise be to God. 

Blessings in Christ, David Richardson, Congregation C.A.R.E. Team

Who are we?

The Congregational Task Force is a personalized service ministry and strategic care initiative made up of teams of like-minded and like-gifted people to help the sick, the needy, shut-ins, widows, widowers, new mothers, the elderly, and others in need in the St. Michael’s Church Community. The goal of our Congregational Care Task Force is to make sure every member of the congregation is aware that they are loved, appreciated, and not forgotten. 

How Can I Help?

We invite everyone to help us establish a Culture of CARE at St. Michael’s by personally practicing three important habits:


At church or in conversations with your brothers and sisters, be an active listener to find out about people in need of CARE services.


Be proactive with those that you hear speak about people that need CARE and find out more information – then ask their permission if you can share that information with the Congregational CARE Task Force.


Tell someone in the church office or complete and return the Congregational CARE needs request card that you will find in the church pews and in multiple places throughout the church buildings.

Finally, please consider joining our CCTF Team. You will not only be blessed, but you will be a blessing to others. If you would like to know more about the Congregational CARE Task Force, please let us know by calling David Richardson, Chair CCTF, 843-860-5124 or Julie Molony Co-Chair CCTF (843-607-6483)


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