MUSIC MIN ST MICH copy 2 (3)

Assistant for Music

Primary Responsibility/Scope:

Provide leadership, vocals and accompaniment for the 9am contemporary service.  Assist primarily with piano at the 11am traditional service.  Lead and plan worship for upcoming 6pm service. Substitute for the Director of Music in his absence.


1. Applicant will be a committed Christian in the orthodox and historical tradition.

2. Applicant will have a calling to lead the people of God in song and to teach and aid them in lifting their voices in worship.

3. Applicant will possess a teachable and collegial spirit.

4. Applicant will possess keyboard skills on piano.

5. Applicant will have competence at reading both charts and sheet music.

Ministry Goals:

1.The primary goal of the Assistant for Music is to use his/her musical abilities to promote congregational singing. He/she will accomplish this goal by leading the 9am band, planning and leading sung worship for the 6pm service, and collaborating with the Director of Music at 11am.

2. Primary responsibilities for the 9am service include establishing a repertoire of songs in coordination with the Director of Music, choosing weekly from that repertoire songs appropriate for the liturgical day, leading band rehearsals, and then using this preparatory work to lead God’s people in song each Sunday.

3. Primary responsibilities for the 6pm service include working with the priest in charge and available musicians to lead the musical portion of worship at that service.

4. Primary responsibilities for the 11am service include leading hymns and songs from the piano in conjunction with the organ.

5. Secondary responsibilities of the Assistant for Music include being the primary substitute for the Director of Music when away and in case of illness or other unexpected absence.

Hours/Time Commitment:

Part-time (12 hours per week)

Primary times: Sundays 8am-12:30pm, 4:30 - 7 pm; band rehearsals (time TBD), prep

Staff Relationships:

Reports to: Paul Reese, Director of Music

Contact: Paul Reese,