Acts Part 1: The Ascension, Yay for Jesus!

May 22, 2022 Series: Acts

Scripture: Acts 1:1–9, John 17:1–5

Attached you will find Tim's detailed outline/notes for his sermon.


The Book of ACTS


  1. The ‘stuff’ they did – a history of church from ascension to Paul in Jail.
  2. Written by Luke, the same guy who wrote the gospel (See Ch. 1 of both)
  3. Is actually “First hand” by Chapter 16
  4. Filled with miracles and power of Holy Spirit (Acts 16 and more)
  5. Lots of persecution (Acts 5, 8)
  6. The Ascension: Action, and not so much deep theology. (Daniel 7)


Jesus’ W_______ on earth wraps up – A Job Well Done

  1. A celebration of an accomplished mission – Yay Jesus!!
  2. Time for the Holy Spirit
  3. 31:31-34
  4. Question: Are you experiencing constant, personal, immediate, indwelling contact with God?


Jesus “officially” assumes the role as K________ of everything

  1. The language of Monarchy (Luke 1:32-33, Eph 1:20-22, John 18:33-38)
  2. They get to say “You are really Him” (Matt. 16:13-20, Jn. 20:28)
  3. You have to Worship before you can Work (Col 3:23-24)
  4. Question: Do let “the King” exercise is full authority in your life?


Jesus models the reality of E_______­­_________

  1. “Eternity is now in session” –
  2. What if we thought about eternal life as more than something that happens after we die?
  3. Salvation is less about getting you in to heaven than it is getting heaven in to you. “God will let anyone into heaven that can stand it.”
  4. Question: Do you really want heaven?


Jesus’ M_______________ through us begins

  1. Our ministry is actually unlimited
  2. Question: Have you made him “king of your heart”

Also, watch this video clip from Peter Pan to understand a reference Tim makes.

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